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Johnson’s Wheels of Love acknowledges the value of family and service. We offer non-emergency medical transportation services. We serve ambulatory, wheelchair, and gurney/stretcher clients. Specifically, we provide transportation for door-to-door, door-through-door, and warm handoff appointments.


Johnson’s Wheels of Love ensures that patients receive the best care and medical services as soon as possible by providing reliable non-emergent transportation services. Patients can trust us to travel with them to and from the hospital safely and comfortably.
Outpatient Surgeries
Patients who have recently undergone surgeries have a difficult time recovering, especially when they’re constantly experiencing discomfort. Johnson’s Wheels of Love ensures that they get the best transportation experience. We have fully equipped vehicles that will ensure their safety and comfort during their travels.
Prescription Pick-Up
Medication adherence can help increase the efficiency of the patient’s medications and expedite the recovery process. Patients can trust Johnson’s Wheels of Love to pick up the correct medication from their trusted pharmacy. Should clients need certain medications from specific pharmacies that are far from their area, we can get their medications and refills for them.
Occupational/Physical Therapy
When mobility is the problem, Johnson’s Wheels of Love ensures to increase every individual’s comfort. During the trip, our clients can relax and feel safe with us.
LASIK Surgery
It can be difficult for patients who had LASIK eye surgery to drive their way to the clinic or their home. Johnson’s Wheels of Love ensures that patients get to their eye surgery appointments safely and on time.
Workmans Comp Appointments
If an employee is too sick to drive to their doctor appointments, Johnson’s Wheels of Love is ready to provide a ride!
Rehabilitation Centers
Embarking on a new treatment program? Johnson’s Wheels of Love is capable of providing you a safe, reliable ride to and from rehabilitation centers. Our vehicles at Johnson’s Wheels of Love are well-equipped and spacious to accommodate your needs and ensure your safety and comfort throughout the ride.
Senior Nursing Facilities
Seniors who require the professional assistance of skilled nurses also need professional transportation services. Johnson’s Wheels of Love has reliable vehicles for non-emergent transportation, which can take seniors to senior nursing facilities and outings safely and comfortably.
Assisted Living Facilities
Our services at Johnson’s Wheels of Love are not limited to safe transportation. We also offer professional assistance to individuals and families who have decided to move into assisted living facilities and other living arrangements. We’ll take you and your belongings safely and comfortably to your living arrangement of choice, outings included.
Dental Appointments
Dental care is essential to achieving one’s overall health. Johnson’s Wheels of Love ensure our clients get to their dental appointments safely and on time.
Nursing Homes
Is your loved one transitioning to a nursing home? Johnson’s Wheels of Love has spacious vehicles that can make your moving process more convenient. Get the professional assistance you need for a faster and safer moving process to your chosen nursing home, outings included.
Adult Day Care Facilities
When you and other family members cannot take your senior loved one to adult daycare facilities, Johnson’s Wheels of Love is prepared to provide comfortable and safe non-emergent transportation. Our vehicles are designed for comfort, so you can go about your day with peace of mind.
Is your loved one undergoing chemotherapy? Allow Johnson’s Wheels of Love to serve you and your family with our professional assistance through non-emergent transportation services.
Dialysis Treatment
The best way to manage your loved one’s kidney complications is to ensure they get to their dialysis sessions accordingly. With compliant dialysis treatments, they may be able to reduce their risk of complications. Johnson’s Wheels of Love ensures that your loved ones can get to their dialysis treatments safely and on time.
Doctor Visits
Patients usually require regular monitoring from medical professionals for their treatments to be successful. Johnson’s Wheels of Love makes sure that patients get the medical attention they need from their physicians for their care plan to be effective. Patients no longer have to miss their doctor’s appointments and have better chances of achieving their optimal health.
Orthopedic/Neuropathic/Vascular Surgery
Patients who require surgery to treat pain, symptoms, and other health complications also need professional assistance to and from their homes and surgery appointments. Johnson’s Wheels of Love offer our clients who suffer from birth defects, injuries, and chronic health problems an efficient option to travel to their surgery appointments. You can trust that our vehicles are properly sanitized and equipped and that our staff and drivers always have your safety and comfort at heart.
We at Johnson’s Wheels of Love recognize that legal appointments are equally important as medical appointments. To make sure that our clients get to their legal appointments on time and safely, we provide personalized and efficient transportation services they can rely on.
Special Events
Our staff and drivers at Johnson’s Wheels of Love are dedicated to making your travel experience with us as comfortable and safe as possible. We strive to make your special moments memorable with our transportation services. No doubt that we can get you to your venues with sophistication!
Weddings are very special! Johnson’s Wheels of Love contributes to perfecting such events by providing quality transportation services with class. Our wedding transportation services include bachelor parties, bridal showers, and after-party receptions.
Consumed with work? Johnson’s Wheels of Love can take your child to and from school, after-school care, child care, summer camps, and other educational establishments safely and comfortably. Parents can have peace of mind knowing their child has opportunities to receive the best possible learning experiences and enjoy extracurricular activities.

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